IWGuide climbing up

What a week: it started with the IWGuide approval on the AppStore, then yesterday MacWorld.com did publish a small review in the section “The Week in iOS Apps: Round ’em up!”. You can read the review on MacWorld.com web site, or just enjoy it below: 

IWGuide: Once upon a time, television viewers kept track of their favorite shows with printed schedules that came in their Sunday paper—or, failing that, by purchasing actual “TV guides” at the grocery store. (Dark times, indeed.) Cable and satellite TV providers have long since made those schedules available on their very own channel, and the rise of DVRs and video on demand has made it less urgent to know exactly when your show is on. Still, there’s something reminiscent of the old guides in the new IWGUide for Netflix application for iPad. The free app is a magazine-style tracker of Netflx’s Instant Watch offerings—a roundup of new and recent releases on the service, a compilation of the best-rated shows, and warnings about titles that will soon disappear from Netflix.

At the same time MacWorld was publishing the review above, the Green Gadget web site was doing their own review.

The side effect of those reviews is directly visible now on the AppStore. As of this morning, IWGuide for Netflix is now ranked #56 as the screenshot below show:

IWGuide for Netflix: rank #56 on the AppStore

To all the iPad users that downloaded the application: THANK YOU !


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