Excuse us for our mess web site

As you can see our web site is being updated right now, and while transitioning to a new hosting place, www.jetap.com is going to experiences a few issues (mostly missing images): so pardon our mess.

Hopefully in the next couple days, things will get fixed.

In the meantime checkout our Facebook page dedicated to IWGuide version 2.0 now that it is available on both iOS and Android; totally rewritten, new look, support for more than 25 countries and much more

IWGuide version 2.0 videos

We have finally created some videos showing IWGuide version 2.0 for iOS and Android!


IWGuide for Netflix for iPhone and iPad

Checkout the YouTube video below for IWGuide for Netflix running on Android.

IWGuide for Netflix on Android

And go download IWGuide for iOS (Free) or for Android (free).


IWGuide version 2.0 now available on iOS and Android

IWGuide for Netflix version 2.0 is now available on both major mobile platforms. IWGuide for Netflix on iOS and IWGuide for Netflix on Android as a free application (not even an In App purchase).

Here are a couple screenshots of the app on both platform.

IWGuide on iPhone

IWGuide on Nexus 5