IWGuide 1.1 is now available

Earlier this morning a new version of IWGuide has been approved on the AppStore.

The new version has the following new features:

  • improved information for the following category: coming soon, going away. Instead of simply showing the date for the title, IWGuide will now show the number of days until the movie arrive or until the movie goes away. It make it a lot easier to know what great title is coming or when to watch a movie that will be going away.
  • the startup screen will now show a small cover (like a magazine) of the main top movies, and it will show how many movies are available in each category
  • the startup wizard has been improved too
  • various bugs have been eliminated

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding IWGuide.


IWGuide: new binary still In Review

The first submission of IWGuide has been rejected by the Apple Review team: the first submission of the application was done as a Newsstand application. Newsstand is a new kind of application for iOS where the app content can be updated in background without the user doing anything.

Since the concept for IWGuide seems to fit the Newsstand category pretty well, the application was created to work as a Newsstand app. Continue reading

IWGuide: Netflix Instant Watch Guide – coming soon

First of all, Happy New Year!

The Christmas season is over, and just before the Apple iTunesConnect shutdown the latest jeTap’s iOS application was submitted: IWGuide.

IWGuide is going to be the first iOS Newsstand application dedicated to Netflix Instant Watch™ service. IWGuide is a FREE weekly magazine for discovering what’s new on Netflix Instant Watch U.S.A. service on your iPad.

Continue reading

LSDashboard 1.0

A new application has been added to jeTap iOS list: LSDashboard !

LSDashboard is the best solution to access your LinkShare reports on the go! LSDashboard is universal application to access your LinkShare affiliates reports on your device: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

LSDashboard is available in the AppStore for $4.99.

LSDashboard support multiples affiliate accounts, simple and elegant way to view your affiliate reports daily or weekly. In addition, LSDashboard provide different charts showing your affiliate reports.

Some screenshots below on iPhone and iPad.

Please visit LSDashboard page for more information.

GPSNotifier 1.5 has been released

Good news : GPSNotifier 1.5 has been approved by Apple AppStore Review Team !

The new version is a major improvement over version 1.0. Here is the list of new features :

– improved GPS proximity up to 500 meters
– GPS status screen
– additional alarms sounds
– new settings to make the phone vibrate
– new localization in: German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Simplified

The application received extensive testing and it should show a dramatic improvement for the accuracy of the GPS.

You can download GPSNotifier 1.5 from the AppStore now. The Lite version has not yet been approved but hopefully it will happen soon.

GPSNotifier Lite 1.0

Today is another good day, not just because GPSNotifier is now ranked #40 in the USA AppStore but because Apple AppStore review team just approved GPSNotifier Lite.

GPSNotifier Lite is the free version of GPSNotifier : it does offer the same set of features of the full version except on the number of GPS alarms that can be setup. The Lite version is limited to only 1 alarm, whereas the full version allow up to 64.
GPSNotifier Lite is free in the AppStore (view in AppStore) and can be upgraded by purchasing an “In App” unlock, or simply by purchasing the full version version : GPSNotifier for iPhone 4 in the AppStore.

GPSNotifier now available

GPSNotifier 1.0 is now available in the AppStore.
The review went really fast after the new submission ! Less than 24 hours for the approval ! Really nice.

If you are curious to see GPSNotifier in action, then please go watch the movie introduction on the screencast page.


GPSNotifier 1.0

GPSNotifier 1.0 and GPSNotifier Lite 1.0 have been submitted to the AppStore last week. Over the week end, we received some news that we had to re-submit the applications. Fair enough since both app are requiring to have an iPhone 4, the email we received was requesting that we modify the Property List file that describe the application to require some features that are only available on the iPhone 4 hardware.

Kindly enough Apple Review Team did provide a link to the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key that provides the functionality required.

So we spend the few minutes required to change the Info.plist, do a sanity check that the apps continue to work as expected on an iPhone 4, and we finally re-submitted both applications. We are not sure when they will be approved, but we will definitely post a new entry when it happens.


Welcome to jeTap.

We are still actively working on polishing our first application and setting up the web site. Please come visit us again soon.