iRedeemer 1.0 is available

iRedeemer 1.0 for iOS devices is a free and convenient app that let iOS users redeem iTunes Gift Card, gift certificate, or AppStore promo codes.
iRedeemer is the first and only third party application offering the conveniency of redeeming iTunes gift card, cerificate, code directly on an iOS device.

You can download it directly from the AppStore. You can learn more information about iRedeemer on its dedicated web page at

iRedeemer 1.0 is the application that answer the question many experienced iTunes/iOS users heard so many times: “How do I redeem by gift card?” or “I got an app promo code, how do I use it ?” A google search show more than 5 millions documents for the search “how to redeem app store promo code” and over 300 thousands for “how to redeem itunes gift card”. iRedeemer is the solution to this question and it is now available for free for anyone using iOS 4.x. Users don’t have to search all over the internet or try to locate in the iTunes Store, AppStore where the “redeem” screen is located, iRedeemer take care of it

With iRedeemer 1.0, a user enters the promo code in the text field of the screen and simply press the “Redeem” button. The app take care of contacting the iTunes server and the app automatically start the iTunes Store with the code already pre-populated. If the user is authenticated, the gift card, gift certificate, or promo code will then be automatically credited to the user’s iTunes account.

In addition to the iOS native application, the site : provide a similar set of feature to make it easy to redeem an iTunes gift card, gift certificate, or a code like an app promo code. After entering the promo code in the text area, the user simply need to press the redeem button, the online application will then automatically generate a special URL that will open the iTunes client on the redeem screen. It’s that simple.

Below are 2 screenshots of the iRedeemer application running on iOS:

Main screen

GPSNotifier 1.5 has been released

Good news : GPSNotifier 1.5 has been approved by Apple AppStore Review Team !

The new version is a major improvement over version 1.0. Here is the list of new features :

– improved GPS proximity up to 500 meters
– GPS status screen
– additional alarms sounds
– new settings to make the phone vibrate
– new localization in: German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese Simplified

The application received extensive testing and it should show a dramatic improvement for the accuracy of the GPS.

You can download GPSNotifier 1.5 from the AppStore now. The Lite version has not yet been approved but hopefully it will happen soon.

GPSNotifier Lite featured in the AppStore

What an exciting moment ! GPSNotifier Lite is now listed in the New & Noteworthy application in the Navigation category of the AppStore.

Here is the screenshot :

iTunes New & Noteworthy Navigation category

Since GPSNotifier has been released, it has been downloaded thousands of times and it’s being used every day. The feedback has been great and do not hesitate to use the “Feedback/Question” options in the “Settings” screen for your suggestions.