IWGuide: new binary still In Review

The first submission of IWGuide has been rejected by the Apple Review team: the first submission of the application was done as a Newsstand application. Newsstand is a new kind of application for iOS where the app content can be updated in background without the user doing anything.

Since the concept for IWGuide seems to fit the Newsstand category pretty well, the application was created to work as a Newsstand app. Continue reading

IWGuide: Netflix Instant Watch Guide – coming soon

First of all, Happy New Year!

The Christmas season is over, and just before the Apple iTunesConnect shutdown the latest jeTap’s iOS application was submitted: IWGuide.

IWGuide is going to be the first iOS Newsstand application dedicated to Netflix Instant Watch™ service. IWGuide is a FREE weekly magazine for discovering what’s new on Netflix Instant Watch U.S.A. service on your iPad.

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