GPSNotifier 1.0

GPSNotifier 1.0 and GPSNotifier Lite 1.0 have been submitted to the AppStore last week. Over the week end, we received some news that we had to re-submit the applications. Fair enough since both app are requiring to have an iPhone 4, the email we received was requesting that we modify the Property List file that describe the application to require some features that are only available on the iPhone 4 hardware.

Kindly enough Apple Review Team did provide a link to the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key that provides the functionality required.

So we spend the few minutes required to change the Info.plist, do a sanity check that the apps continue to work as expected on an iPhone 4, and we finally re-submitted both applications. We are not sure when they will be approved, but we will definitely post a new entry when it happens.