Excuse us for our mess web site

As you can see our web site is being updated right now, and while transitioning to a new hosting place, www.jetap.com is going to experiences a few issues (mostly missing images): so pardon our mess.

Hopefully in the next couple days, things will get fixed.

In the meantime checkout our Facebook page dedicated to IWGuide version 2.0 now that it is available on both iOS and Android; totally rewritten, new look, support for more than 25 countries and much more

IWGuide version 2.0 videos

We have finally created some videos showing IWGuide version 2.0 for iOS and Android!


IWGuide for Netflix for iPhone and iPad

Checkout the YouTube video below for IWGuide for Netflix running on Android.

IWGuide for Netflix on Android

And go download IWGuide for iOS (Free) or for Android (free).


IWGuide: going away category will disappear

We are sad to discover today that Netflix decided to remove from their web service the information regarding the date when a movie title will be going away from Netflix catalog. The implication of Netflix decision mean that the really useful category “Going Away” from IWGuide for Netflix will be disappearing forever -unless of course Netflix change their mind, but our hopes are really low.

You can read more about Netflix decision on their Blog:



To all IWGuide’s users we are sorry to have such bad news, but unfortunately this is Netflix decision and there is not much jeTap Inc can do.


IWGuide for Netflix 1.3 now available

Earlier this week, the Apple App Review team approved IWGuide for Netflix version 1.3. As announced, this new release is now a universal application. You can now use IWGuide for Netflix on all your iOS devices whereas prior it was only available on iPad.

In addition to iOS as a universal application, IWGuide for Netflix has been released for Android devices a few weeks ago.

Here are a few screenshots of IWGuide for Netflix running on iPhone.


IWGuide for Netflix is a free application available on the AppStore.

Coming soon on iPhone/iPod Touch: IWGuide

This is with great pleasure that today we are announcing a new version for IWGuide for Netflix has been submitted to the AppStore.

What’s new with IWGuide for Netflix 1.3: universal application! Yes you are reading it correctly. IWGuide for Netflix will now be available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The same great content that you are enjoying on your iPad, Android device or Kindle Fire will now be available on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Find below 2 teaser screenshots on iPhone:


Finally here is the official video demonstration on YouTube, enjoy!

IWGuide issue – new version on the way

We are terribly sorry, but IWGuide version 1.2 has a bug that crash the application when you try to view a movie detail. The problem is due to a change last minute and unfortunately our testing missed it.

A new version: 1.2.1 has been submitted to the AppStore review and we have requested an expedited review. If the expedited review is approved, version 1.2.1 should hopefully appear on the AppStore a couple hours after the approval of that process.

Unfortunately there is no workaround for the problem, we sincerely apologize for the problem.

IWGuide 1.2 for Netflix is now available

It was kind of fast! IWGuide 1.2 has been approved by the Apple App Review team and it should appear soon on the AppStore (free iPad application).

Beside the minor bug fixes in this version, IWGuide 1.2 now support the Retina display for the new iPad (new iPad / iPad 2012), and additionally IWGuide will add a visual indicator to movies that are newly listed in the latest issue of IWGuide.

The visual indicator for a newly listed movie looks like below:

IWGuide for Netflix doesn’t require a Netflix subscription, so if you are curious to see what’s available week after week on Netflix Instant Watch streaming, IWGuide is the solution. Download it for free now.

Below is a screenshot showing the “new” movie indicator when viewing a page. Notice the blue square badge for the movies:

– Classic Albums: Metallica

– Classic Albums: Cream

– Thor: Tales of Asgard

IWGuide Screenshot - New visual indicator


IWGuide 1.2 pending approval

A quick update regarding IWGuide. A newer version has been submitted late last week for review to the AppStore team.

Beside the usual bug fixes, a new convenient feature has been added: movies that are new in the current issue of IWGuide will appear with a little badge over the movie poster.

Here is an example:

When that blue corner triangle is shown it indicates the movie was not listed in the previous IWGuide issue. This is a really convenient way to quickly see what Netflix did change in their catalog between two IWGuide issues.

If everything goes as expected, version 1.2 should appear in the AppStore toward the end of the week.

IWGuide reviewed by MacObserver.com

Yesterday IWGuide for Netflix has been reviewed by the site MacObserver.com. You can read the review “IWGuide for Netflix: What’s Coming & Going” by David Winograd at http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/review/iwguide_for_netflix_whats_coming_and_going/.

Overall the review is honest and point out the benefits of IWGuide for Netflix. The author of the review correctly mention the incorrect data reported by IWGuide regarding the movie definition HD/SD but unfortunately that information is being provided by Netflix web service API. So until Netflix fixes their incorrect data, there is not much that IWGuide for Netflix could do.