Junk Reporter

Take control of your Inbox while you are on the go, and start fighting back junk email from your iCloud™ Inbox.

Fight back the junk mail in your iCloud account while using your device with Junk Reporter for iCloud.

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Whenever you are receiving a junk email in your iCloud Inbox, the only solution you have right now is to delete/trash the offending email, unfortunately that action will not help fight spam. In order to truly fight junk mail you should report the spam you received and it is exactly what Junk Reporter for iCloud does.
Junk Reporter for iCloud is a simple application that will let you select the junk mail and let you report it the official way to the iCloud system. In addition it will move those junk emails to the Junk folder so they will be out of your Inbox right away.

Junk Reporter is available for free on the iTunes AppStore.  The full set of features for Junk Reporter for iCloud can be unlocked by an In App Purchase which will let the app:

  • access more emails from your Inbox
  • report more Junk emails at once
  • support more than one iCloud account

Here are a few screenshots of the application below.

Junk Reporter screenshot Junk Reporter screenshot Junk Reporter screenshot Junk Reporter screenshot