• IWGuide for Netflix application screenshots - available for iOS and Android

About jeTap Inc.

At jeTap Inc, we develop Mobile applications (iOS and Android) with the following goals in mind:

  • useful application: an application should help get things done
  • easy to use: keeping in mind the user experience is key and come first
  • quality: shipping applications that work without known bugs, and fix bugs as soon as they are reported
  • customer support: provide the best customer support!
  • performance: using a mobile app require fluidity; apps with poor performance make a terrible experience

The iOS eco-system is now well established and Apple has defined a standard for the look and feel for native applications. Here at jeTap Inc, we do follow such approach, and our applications try to integrate as much as possible within iOS. The same principles do apply for the Android eco-system from Google.

jeTap Inc. has been developing mobile applications since the initial iPhone SDK has been publicly released in 2008. If you would like some custom applications developed, please contact us! We're happy to discuss your projects.